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Your car deserves the best treatment! Shine On Automotive Detailing & Ceramic Coatings in Charlotte NC is here for all of your needs. We offer a premier range of paint correction Charlotte NC services, that will help to restore your vehicle’s shine and have it look brand new. Our state-of-care technology process will keep any future problems away too because who wants to be chipped or scratched paint? All you have to do is come see us at Shine on automotive detailing today so we can take care of yours right away – no worries about waiting days.

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The first step is always to inspect the vehicle and agree on a course of action. This inspection will help us get an idea of the severity of the paint damage as well as what services will be required to fix it. After that, we’ll start by washing the car and then drying it off with compressed air. This ensures that there’s no dirt or debris left on the surface that could potentially damage the paint during the correction. Next, we’ll begin the correction process itself. We’ll use a variety of different techniques and tools, depending on the nature and severity of the damage. For example, we might use a rotary polisher for light scratches or a dual action polisher for more stubborn ones. Once we’ve corrected all the paint imperfections, we’ll finish up by applying a ceramic coating to protect the newly flawless paint job!

Benefits of Paint Correction

  • Adds years to your car’s paint 
  • Removes small scratches and protects them
  • Creates a beautiful, lasting shine
  • Restores exterior and vinyl accents
  • Removes grit, grime, scuffs, and tar 
  • Help makes your car look brand new again
  • Increases your car’s resale value

What Is Paint Correction?

When you drive your car, it faces many wear-and-tear elements that can damage the paint on its body. You may not realize this but oxygen and water are capable of breaking down clear coatings which then expose our vehicle’s unprotected surfaces to impacts from roadways or other environmental factors thrown at them in traffic; fortunately, there’s shine on automotive detailing services available for Charlotte NC residents who want their cars looking good as new again!

Paint Correction Charlotte NC is the process of restoring and rejuvenating a vehicle’s paint through the elimination of surface imperfections that dull, haze, or oxidize the surface. These imperfections can include things like dirt, grime, scratches, scuffs, buffer trails, and more. Rather than just covering these imperfections, paint correction works to remove them through the use of polishes that are applied using a polishing machine, which levels out the surface. Before any paint correction can begin, we will provide a quality car wash to ensure that all loose dirt and debris have been removed. 

If the paint on your vehicle is showing signs of wear and tear, Shine on automotive detailing in Charlotte NC can help restore its original shine! Contact us to learn more about paint correction or to schedule an appointment today! You can also visit our Facebook page and Instagram account for more details.

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Paint correction is a more intensive process that removes damage from the paint surface, while polishing simply enhances the shine.

It depends on the level of wear and tears your vehicle’s paint experiences. For most people, once or twice a year should suffice.

Paint correction can add years to your car’s paint, remove small scratches, and create a beautiful, lasting shine. It can also restore exterior and vinyl accents, remove grit and grime, and help make your car look brand new again.

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